Brand Canvas

Brands don’t fail because they choose the wrong course, but instead because they lose relevance or become stagnant due to the inability to imagine a new course. So how can you revitalize a stagnant brand and correct the course? Brand Canvas™: our proprietary design methodology. Brand Canvas™ is a dynamic and immersive collaboration of creative juices including design, photography and culinary arts, and it’s our answer to dreaming up a new course of brand possibilities.

Consider this: there are more than 30,000 items in an average supermarket – and 42,000 new products entering the market each year. Brands that lack the ability to achieve a memorable and iconic presentation will be lost in a sea of similarity. Most are doomed to failure because no one notices them.

Traditionally, food presentation is resolved during the last stage of the design process: final photography. However, most final photography is not immersive, curious or investigative, which are all crucial pieces to the finality of brand design. Countless hours and funds have been sacrificed for stock images and design development around a generic and unrealistic product presentation. This waste of resources, which results in generic food presentation development, is the root of the problem. Your brand should be unique and the last thing it needs is to look like everyone else in the marketplace.

Brand Canvas™ has shifted this paradigm. We start by investigating the product as a major point of difference. What are its unique attributes? How can we convey the product or brand’s story? How can we put emotion into presentation? This level of creative thinking leads to a powerful product presentation.

Brand Canvas™ involves photography, design, strategy and prop and food styling. Each discipline brings artistry and a unique lens to the category and product. There is a special kind of magic that happens when you dream and innovate on set. This magic results in a range of design solutions with unique product imagery that is strategically provocative and highly differentiated at the shelf.

We believe that Brand Canvas™ is the future of brand exploration because it is an antidote to shelf clutter. Over the past five years we have perfected this technique to create memorable, breakthrough results. Whether you’re working on a new brand or revitalizing an old one, Brand Canvas™ is the compass that sets you on the right course.

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