DuPuis’ New Roots in California Food Culture

After putting down a plate of Orange Spiced Chicken on Saturday night, John (our President and Creative Director) opened his fortune cookie to reveal a prophetic “Now’s a good time to start something new.”

DuPuis Ventura from DuPuis Group on Vimeo.

And that he is, along with the rest of our California family. After over fifteen years in Westlake Village, they packed up and headed 30 miles north to Ventura, where a newly remodeled workspace awaited.

The team will find their new home in the classic Bank of Italy building right off of Main Street in historic Ventura. Built in 1928, this unique location is the perfect manifestation of the DuPuis west soul. With authentic charm and downtown vibe, great attention has been paid to designing the space for gathering, sharing and creating — a dedicated collaborative space for inspiration and creative action.

Ventura, located on the Pacific coast between Malibu and Santa Barbara, has a culture rooted in both the arts, diverse agriculture and a dynamic ecology– which creates a particularly rich innovative fusion. Our new west coast locale shares founding roots with Patagonia, Kinkos, the Brooks Institute, ThinkThin, Ortega, and nearby origins of Jamba Juice. Such companies helped shape the vibrant California entrepreneurial spirit that taught us how to share, to trail blaze, and to create what’s next.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the move is the integration it will provide into a world rich with food culture, where the climate provides year-round growing, resulting in over nine different farmers markets per week. This abundance of natural food explains the emergence of micro-food trends, where everyone, from the farmer at the produce stand to celebrity chefs, feels a deep-rooted connection to the emerging local and sustainable food market. We are excited to share our ideas and our table with these excited minds for workshops, trend dinners, food innovation sessions– anything that feeds both our minds and bodies.

With California beginnings, DuPuis expanded into the Midwest in 1998 to establish a central office to better serve a diverse client base. Chicago quickly grew to become a hub of our brand’s vitality and fervor for arts and inspiration. The more we experienced the ideal environment of a cosmopolitan pulse, artistic grit, and deep-seeded food movement, the more we have sought to amplify the value of our west coast roots by offering both staff and clients a space where ideas can flourish. A place to both retreat and to stay connected– an incubator for innovation and inspiration– the yin to our yang.

As our team watched Westlake Village get smaller in their rearview mirrors for the last time, the reasons to start something new, together, became very clear. A new space with all its local history and inspirations has become ours — jumping to life out of a sea of cardboard boxes and sore hands.

We can’t wait to share.



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