Eco Innovation

For years we have seen the trend of sustainability gain traction on a global level, and now its role in innovation is exploding. According to Harvard Business Review, “sustainability is a mother lode of organization and technological innovations that yield both bottom-line and top-line returns,” and “smart companies now treat sustainability as innovation’s new frontier.” We so strongly believe that sustainability is the future of business that we built our Eco-Innovation platform. Eco-Innovation works because of our in-house expertise and our collaborative efforts with Desert Research Institute (DRI). DRI, the environmental research arm of the Nevada System of Higher Education, is a global leader in advanced environmental science research and technology. DRI’s science expertise partnered with our design expertise allows us to bring fresh, actionable, feasible and profitable approaches to the following areas:

• Water and human health
• Clean energy and energy optimization
• Waste reduction
• Agriculture innovation
• Air quality monitoring, modeling
• Big data analytics, visualization and  modeling


We see a significant opportunity for organizations to merge ecology with economies within innovation platforms. This new approach led us to speak at a conference hosted by the Irish Food Board. Ireland is progressive with sustainability as its farmers, producers and companies have made commitments through the Origin Green program.