Innovating with Top Chefs

Passion, curiosity and experimentation are at the heart of innovation. That’s why when we seek to design for food or innovate new foods and flavors, we connect with the people who are into food from the inside-out.

Over the years, our kitchens have been playgrounds to some of the country’s most innovative chefs. Top Chef and James Beard Award Winner, Dale Levitski; Vie restaurant’s sous chef, Nathan Sears; Master Chef Adrien Nieto; and farm-to-table specialist, Cleetus Friedman — all food adventurers bringing new life to what we eat.

For one of our consumer Bond-Fire dinners, vegan Chef Kriss of Artfully Delicious served up an amazing three-course meal that inspired fruitful discussion. When clients gathered around on another occasion, Nancy Silver of Snookelfritz Ice-cream, voted second best artisanal ice-cream in the country, delighted us with a deliciously unique ice cream flavor, delicate squash brown butter!

Along with organizing food trend Lunch-N-Learns, each week our own food innovation chef, Joy DuPuis, surprises us with another Meatless Monday recipe. And, in connecting with the latest food trends, Joy recently trained with well know raw food chef, Elaina Love.

These creative pros have helped to inspire and fuel our ideation around flavors, forms and trends that reach our targets from the outside-in. We’ve leveraged their expertise to explore new kinds of salsa, breakfast foods, flatbread sandwiches and snack mixes. We ask chefs what they love about grocery and what they hate – and then watch the opportunities unfurl.

They love it. And so do we.

Beyond our kitchens the creative food passion continues. Here are a few active food blogs that come from the group at DuPuis:

Chicky Pea
Tempeh Girls
Good Foodocracy

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