admin August 3, 2015

The DuPuis Group announces the launch of its newest venture, TempehSure™, a three-piece system used for making tempeh, a fermented, plant-based protein. TempehSure™ aids individual foodies and culinary professionals in making tempeh, which traditionally has been difficult to produce with consistent results

After 40 years of experimenting with tempeh Gunter Pfaff and Betsy Shipley, invented a tempeh oven made of plywood and tape that eliminated previously laborious process of manufacturing tempeh. Seeing value in this new tempeh experience The DuPuis Group collaborated with Pfaff and Shipley to communicate the couple’s creative invention and bring it to market. The DuPuis Group created the TempehSure brand, which features the dual-stage oven.

The dual-stage oven is precisely engineered to automate and regulate atmospherically ideal fermentation and pasteurization processes, which eliminates the unsightly spots that are often found in store-bought tempeh. It can be used individually or stacked 6 units high for restaurant and food service. The oven uses a standard baking tray, which produces three pounds of tempeh that can be easily cut into patties, strips or custom shapes for a variety of recipes.

Traditionally tempeh is made with soybeans and barley. However, with TempehSure’s flexibility, tempeh can now be made with legumes, lentils and nuts to add depth and new dimension to plant-based proteins.

Leran more at TempehSure.com

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