Challenging Current Methodologies in Order to Optimize Growth

Emerging competitive markets, market instability, societal disruptions and evolving technologies all point to humanity’s keen desire to discover, create, invent and be inspired. It’s a world of natural selection where the strong survive by continually seeking a competitive edge.

However, within this desire lies comfort in following established processes and procedures. We find solace in walking down the same path as others. It’s less risky. But in doing so we are led to the same conclusions.

At DuPuis Ventures, we don’t follow. We step outside the lines to discover what lies on the path least traveled. We seek new ways to create, innovate, disrupt and design the future.

Built on sound business practices, we have pursued the synthesis of analytical and abstract thinking to bring fresh perspectives to complex problems. Our six-year involvement with the Kellogg School of Management—teaching and supervising student entrepreneurial endeavors—and our continued Design Thinking consulting has led our company to the ownership of our own ventures. These include: Battle Born Beer, Frookie Cookies and Tempeh Girls.