Sometimes brand-building isn’t just about creating something from scratch. It’s also about recognizing an opportunity in an idea that has already been conceived and is just waiting to flourish. When we first experienced the Frookie® Cookie brand in the 90s, we were intrigued by both a unique story and a promising product.

The innovative Frookie® recipe was discovered by the entrepreneur Richard Worth and his wife, a registered dietitian, as they experimented with sugarless cookie recipes in their New York apartment in 1986. Rather than using refined sugar to sweeten the organic ingredients in their recipe, they found that natural fruit juice was a surprising substitute. So the first healthy cookie was born, meeting an unmet need for consumers in search of healthy foods while not compromising on taste. This fruit juice approach expanded into recipes for sandwich cookies, oatmeal, chocolate chip, and other family favorites.

The Frookie® Cookie brand grew to include over 40 SKU’s, reaching its fifth-year sales projection of $17 million in its very first year of business. After much success, Worth later sold the brand, and, after changing hands several times, it was acquired by Lance, Inc after a 2008 acquisition of Archway Cookies.

DuPuis Ventures, recognizing the value in the Frookie® brand, as well as welcoming the challenge to rebuild it,  acquired the trademark in 2010. We are pleased to have the opportunity to once-again introduce the world to a healthy, organic cookie that diabetics, gluten-free consumers, and the entire family can enjoy– because we believe everyone deserves a treat.