Tempeh Girls™, our latest DuPuis Venture, is a website dedicated to raising awareness about the benefits of tempeh, a good-for-you-food that’s just a little misunderstood, mixed with a large dose of unawareness.

At DuPuis, we are proud of our network of culinary experts. We take pride in our constant curiosity in discovering foods and flavors from around the globe. This inquisitive spirit fuels our visions for the future of food. Because we surround ourselves with early adopters, we are able to identify micro trends and food movements that influence our food innovation.

We have watched the continued growth of the Flexitarian diet (people eating less meat by the adoption of a more vegetarian diet) rise to become one of the top ten food trends. Enter tempeh, a high protein, meat substitute or alternative.

Joy DuPuis, head of our food innovation and passionate vegetarian chef, saw an opportunity for tempeh to become the next super food – if people became more aware of it and how to use it.

To assist in the awareness and grow tempeh’s acceptance, Joy and the Ventures team developed Tempeh Girls™, an informational blog site. Joy rounded up a couple of passionate foodie friends and their recipes, because 6 foodie brains are better than one.

Tempeh Girls™ mission is four-fold: Create great-tasting recipes, Celebrate food, Communicate their tempeh knowledge, and Connect with their readers.

Tempeh Girls™ believe that food should have personality, which explains why a community of vibrant contributors helps Tempeh Girls™ make tempeh not only accessible, but engaging and fun, too.