Collaborative Workshops

We believe that good things happen when people come together, and our workshops make good things happen quickly. Whether we are facilitating an innovation session, a positioning session or a design workshop, we apply the same principles to get the juices flowing: inspiration, courage and honesty.

Inspiration at DuPuis workshops comes from many different sources: the homework assignments, the breakfast buffet, the room décor and a team made up of diverse backgrounds and brain-types to name a few. Our space brings inspiration to life with whiteboard walls that dare everyone to color outside the lines.

Then, we remove the biggest barrier to creativity: fear. Many corporate careers are honed by avoiding the temptation to share half-baked ideas that would risk ridicule or career derailment. Our workshops grant participants something rare in today’s corporate world: PTS, or Permission To Suck. We want to bring everything out into the open. Idea fragments. Unoriginal ideas. Even absurd ideas. All of these can lead somewhere or inspire a bigger, better ideas.

In order to create relevance and sustained business growth, we must create true consumer relevance for our products and brands. Relevance is fueled by an honest dig into what consumers care about and what they don’t (sometimes it’s our brand).
When you attend a workshop at DuPuis, be prepared for tangents, divergent exercises, “time cops” and forced-choice exercises. We will fill our space with thinking and then sharpen our collective focus on specific pathways and next steps.

Regardless of the subject matter or the output, we promise you this: you will leave our workshop with a feeling we call “a good kind of tired”.



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