The Challenge

With no shortage of small beer brands on the market, we saw a chance to leverage our design thinking to outpace the little guys and outflank the heavy hitters; but ideas are a dime-a-dozen. The real challenge is commercialization: securing the supply chain, means of production, raising capital, securing the team, and executing the plan… that’s the real challenge…. which we did.


The Approach

We uncovered a simple insight: a craft beer could deliver the tribal craft experience without the pretense and ritual of the saturated craft culture. Working from concept to commercialization, we identified a strategic positioning, designed branding and activation, and built a growth plan that has guided the brand from proof of concept to developing a production facility.



Demonstrating proof-of-concept, we self-funded an operation producing 5,000 cases annually in over 100 accounts. We have secured $2 million in capital and are in the process of building our own production facility to initially produce 70,000 cases with the ultimate goal of capturing 1.5% market share in the state of Nevada.