Curious, Voracious & Bold

Not all amazing things at DuPuis start at the top; but the passion and culture that enables them does.

Steven DuPuis


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John Silva

President & Chief Creative Officer

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Jeff Pickett

Executive Vice President

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Ivana Nikolic

Vice President of Design CHICAGO

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Ann McBeth

Vice President Strategy and Innovation

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Bill Less

Vice President of Design VENTURA

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Thought Leadership

Better THINKING that leads to better DOING and better RESULTS

The Future of Food: Healthy Growth in a Time of Uncertainty
Having worked with a wide range of food companies and culinary professionals, Steven DuPuis, founder of the DuPuis Group, has a unique vantage point on the industry. He drew on this perspective as the keynote speaker at the 2nd Annual Grupo Nutresa “...
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Design Nirvana & The Stages to Enlightenment
As many of us know design is often narrowly defined as Graphic Design but to me true design is the designing of ideas and design nirvana is where the act of design transcends the tactical to the visionary, this is where we, as designers, get to dream...
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